The club is founded on set of rules known as a constitution, which establish how the group is organised and run. Our constitution was agreed on at our Annual General Meeting on 31 January 2015 and amended as agreed at AGM 23rd Feb 2018. View our Constitution.

Code of Conduct
Our members agree to a code of conduct when they sign up to the Birmingham Swifts for the best of the club and its members. View our members’ code of conduct.

See our disciplinary procedure for details of how complaints will be handled. Discliplinary Document 2022

Health and Safety Policy
Details of our health and safety policy can be found here. Health & Safety Policy 2023

Inclusion Policy
The Swifts are committed to creating a welcoming and safe environment for all. Please see details of our inclusion policy here. Inclusion Policy 2023

Data Protection Policy
When you join the Swifts we ask you to fill out a membership form which covers the data we collect on our members. This data is stored on a Dropbox spreadsheet which can be viewed by committee members only. This data is not sold or used by any third party companies and helps us to provide a better experience for our members. View our Data Protection Policy.

Website Sale Terms & Conditions

When you buy from our website, please find the terms & conditions here.

Annual General Meetings
The club is required to hold an Annual General Meeting every year to bring together all the members, provide updates and electing the committee. Minutes from each AGM are found below:

Committee meetings
The club committee meet regularly to discuss the club and its future. Minutes from each meeting are found below:

Minor Injury Reporting Form
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