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Thursday evenings are our informal group run; great for beginners (provided you can run 5km – if not, look out for our next Couch to 5k course!) and more experienced runners. The slower runners or those newer to running are joined by a run leader and act as the back of the group. Runners who are more experienced or faster can run as fast as they’d like and have the opportunity to run further using scheduled loop points. When a loop point is reached, runners are encouraged to turn around and run to the back of the group to meet up with those at the back. This enables everyone to run together whilst allowing the opportunity to run faster and further for those who want to. It’s a great opportunity to chat to people at all levels throughout the run. We run for between 4 and 5 miles.

Everyone is welcome! For newcomers, please look out for our Run Leaders (who are usually wearing a Run Leader T-Shirt) who will welcome you and introduce you to other runners. We’re a friendly bunch so don’t be shy – come along and make new friends!

Health and Swift Safety Notice:-
1. Do not attend if you’re not well
2. Gathering outside at Pagoda and on run, please maintain social distancing at all times, this includes any loop points (which will be minimised) and at any stops/road crossings etc
3. Follow respiratory etiquette – cover mouth if coughing/sneezing etc and use hand sanitiser

As always, you run at your own risk!

– If wearing headphones please make sure you can still hear the run leaders.
– don’t just follow another runner across a road as you might get run over! (sounds obvious but you’d be surprised what we see as run leaders lol)
– be polite around other road/pavement users, we all represent the Swifts when we’re out as a running group

View our current routes here.

Warmups / run starts from Pagoda Island at 7pm prompt (what3words location: with.shorts.limbs):

Summer Routes

We have a variety of Summer Run Routes where we explore the parks & canals of Birmingham including out to the beautiful Vale at The University of Birmingham. You’ll be amazed at what you will find and it can feel like you’re worlds away from the busy city centre.


Winter Routes

Taking into account the darker nights, we use a variety of routes including quiet roads through Edgbaston; through the heart of the City Centre on mostly pedestrianised routes and others. We try and avoid as many roads as possible, but our routes still have traffic on them, so please bear this in mind. During the winter months, please try and wear high-vis clothing so you can be seen!

View our current routes here.