In order to continue paying for run leaders, coaches, equipment, event prizes and awards and covering our England Athletics & website costs, we need your support.

A great thing you can do to help is to Affiliate. This will provide you with insurance during your runs, will offer you discounts on many races and in running stores, gives you access to online support via England Athletics as well as our club coaching sessions over the coming year and gets you a £5 discount on our official running vests.  

The more affiliated members we have, the higher our standing and visibility in the local running community, helping us promote health amongst our peers and raise the LGBT profile in Birmingham. 

Your £27.50 affiliation payment also helps us cover the club cost of Affiliation. We are the cheapest club for Affiliation in the locality, making us as accessible as possible.

Full details on how to affiliate and make your payment are at

If you don’t think Affiliation is for you, you can of course still run with us for free on Thursday nights and at Parkrun. Perhaps instead you might want to consider making a donation to Swifts or purchasing some clothing, as this also helps to raise funds for the club.

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