SUNDAY 22 SEP at 15:00. If you are a member of the Swifts private Facebook group please mark your attendance on there. If not, please send us an email to social[@] (remember to remove the square brackets around the @).

HADO is Augmented Reality crossed with Sports to create a unique Techno Sport. Teams of 3 vs 3 play a 90 second game firing virtual fireballs at each other through augmented reality goggles – I’ve tried it and it’s great! It’s really quick to pick up and we will have a 2hr slot (subject to numbers) to have time for practice and a mini-league tournament on the night. Cost is subject to numbers but if there are 15 of us signed up it will be approx £12 per person, any more and the cost will be less (or similar if I need to book a longer time slot), any fewer and maybe cost slightly more (or I will shorten the time slot booked to keep the cost comparable). You can see more and I’d really recommend this one!

Chosen a Sunday afternoon as that is when most Swifts can definitely do socials. If this particular date is bad for a reason I’ve missed please let me know!

And don’t forget to garmin your games for all that running around to count towards Swiftember!

Please mark as “Going” as soon as you can so I have an idea of numbers to confirm with the venue and pay a deposit to secure our slot. I will then confirm payment amounts and timescale to make final payments.

Hope to see loads of you there!

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