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Well where to start, I hear someone say “start for the very beginning, as it’s a very good place to start”. This was going to be a race of many first’s for me, not only is it my first race this year but also my first as race Secretary and all this after a 13 hour night shift.

The benefits of doing a night shift before a race, if there is any benefit is that you’re already up and able to properly hydrate for hours before. I finished my shift, grabbed a taxi to Bannatynes Health Club in BrindleyPlace and had the best wake up shower in existence, it was cold and I loved it. I met up with many Swifts there and we all prepped with a nice bottle of water, whilst getting our running numbers pinned on, after that the Swift march to the meeting place began with excellent navigational skills shown by Swift Richard.

We all got there at the Aston University Main Entrance and with some polite security guards who allowed us to have a quick comfort break to use the restroom, we then all got together on the green verge for some lovely photographs. It was then decided we would all flock together in the same wave “The 80’s” and so when it was time, we all got to the starting positions.

The warm up was energetic and many camera crews were out, Swift Chris Pratt (Not the Guardians of the Galaxy Chris Pratt) and I decided to show some cameras our on the spot devised dance moves from that era, still not looking forward to seeing that, but lest to say it was very entertaining and showed/embodied the mantra of what makes the Swifts.

After this it was time to get ready to begin, I always get a weird combination of emotions at races which consist of pure excitement mixed with bursts of nervousness. However one look from my fellow brothers and sisters in the Swifts and nothing but Excitement was left. I started my Strava recording, got my Japanese pop music flowing and I knew “I am ready”.

The race was interesting as the route changed this year, I did feel at times have they followed the Swifts Winter route a little, but overall it was a good run. I was feeling a little sense of impending doom when I was so tired at the 5km mark, but the cheers and high fives from the Kings Health RC outside the Cannon Hill Stadium renewed my stamina/endurance, so thanks guys. Throughout the race i saw many Swifts run past me, Steven and Wai being my pacers for the race which I can honestly say they were on form that day and I was unable to keep up. I sprinted the last 400m and I felt so good to have completed it after a night shift in one piece.

We all took post run photographs and then some headed back to Bannatynes Health Club in Brindley Place for showers, others went home for theirs. After that we had a lovely arrangement of food provided by Andy at The Fox, it was so delicious, tasty and well needed. Swift Chris and I stood up and did an announcement and thanked everyone for coming and Andy for the food. It was such a lovely atmosphere filled with laughter, fun and hydration (drinking), It was only after about 2 hours post race that the fatigue of doing nights had hit me and I had to go home for a sleep.

It was a great run (literally), and I really enjoyed being able to give this to the group as our Official run. Cant wait for the next one

TP – Tall Pete

Race Secretary


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