Running technical sessionTuesday Technical Running Session

Our technical sessions are designed to help you improve your running style. They’ll help develop your agility, balance and co-ordination, and therefore ultimately make you a faster runner.
We do this by organising a range of different sessions, drills and focuses to help you. We’ll focus on one particular aspect each week; we could be looking at how your arms move; your hip movement, improving your stride or how your feet land.
Each session is tailored, so that if you’re finding it too easy or too much, we can change it. This isn’t about running longer or further, but running better. If you come along for more sessions, you’ll find your form improving.

“I’m surprised by how much just focussing on one aspect of my running technique has made such a difference to my race time, as well as reducing the number of problems I have when recovering. I’m so pleased!” – Chris Pratt

Technical sessions are led by a qualified Coach in Running Fitness. They are available to affiliated members of the Birmingham Swifts – information on how to affiliate is here.