Thursday 29 Oct: Halloween Social Run! BRING A TORCH!
It’s coming up to that spooky time of year again, yes, the swifts Halloween fancy dress run, trying to outrun a deadly virus that’s taking over the world… oh no, hang on, that’s just normal life. So instead of reality, let’s put on our best fancy dress and imagine some other kind of terrible horrors instead! Prize for the best dressed – we had some great efforts last year! But if you don’t have a costume just come as you are.
We will be doing a version of the Jewellery Quarter route with a special, spooky, fiendishly scary and ghoulish diversion through a dark, unlit, historic graveyard – so bring a head torch, hand torch, or phone torch! And spare pants!
All in groups of approx 6, but one group following another at an appropriate social distance from each other, with no group overlapping. Your run leader will make it clear!
The usual stuff…
We do have a few run leaders available this week but we might not have enough for everyone that wants to run so will need to do it on a first come first serve basis. So please let a run leader know if you wish to run this Thursday. We will then allocate groups on the day.
If you haven’t already completed the 2020 Swifts Membership form you will also need to have done that at
All groups will be starting and stopping in the city centre at The Fox. The Fox will be open for bag drop before your run. The groups will setoff at 7pm. When gathering inside/outside The Fox please maintain 2m distancing! You must keep in your running group of 6 in the fox.
In the Fox afterwards Andy will kindly be providing some refueling! You attend at your own risk, it is not part of the Swifts run! However, to assist Andy in maintaining the rules we will ask you to keep with a group of runners at your designated outside table and not to mix between groups. Food will be provided so again please give an indication in the comments if you will be staying for The Fox after the run so we can let Andy know. Bring spare clothes to keep warm outside!
Covid additional health & safety notes:
If you have symptoms – do not run!
If you are from a high risk group – do not run!
Maintain 2m distance from others in the group at ALL times – including any loop points (which will be minimised) and at any stops/road crossings etc.
Follow respiratory etiquette – cover mouth if coughing/sneezing etc and use hand sanitiser.
Don’t overlap between groups.
As always, you run at your own risk!
– If you are wearing headphones please make sure you can still hear the run leaders.
– don’t just follow another runner across a road as you might get run over! (sounds obvious but you’d be surprised what we see as run leaders lol)
– be polite around other road/pavement users, we all represent the Swifts when we’re out as a running group
See some of you Thursday night!
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