Want to push yourself? Looking for a new running target? Seeking that new challenge? If the answer is YES, Swiftember is for you!


Following the amazing success of Swiftember in 2017 & 2018, it’s making a return for 2019. During last years Swiftember, members pushed themselves extra hard and ran a combined total distance of 1452 miles (2334 km) – that’s more than the distance from Birmingham to Rome!

This challenge event aims to stretch each members running goals. Each participant Swift will commit to running a cumulative distance over the month of September, which could be either:

-25 miles (40 km)
-50 miles (80 km)
-75 miles (121 km)
-100 miles (161 km)
-125 miles (201 km)
-150 miles (241 km)


Decide which distance you want to aim for. Use this as an opportunity to stretch yourself. if you can comfortably run 25 miles (40 km) in a month, why not aim for 50 miles (80 km). Why not aim to beat your 2018 target? Once you have decided your target distance, share it within this event page.

You’ll need to keep a running log of your runs, then submit these to me at the end of the month. I’ll be circulating a running log over the coming weeks by email.

Please utilise the Swifts facebook page and this Event page to share your challenge progress using the #Swiftember hashtag.

There are some additional Swiftember missions, which could win you spectacular prizes! To win you’ll need to post to our Swifts event page and upload a photo or screen shot, along with the corresponding hashtag:

-Best Swiftember run selfie. Post this using the #SwiftemberSelfie hashtag.
-Best Swiftember run mini video or Boomerang clip. Post this using the #SwiftemberVideo
-Best Swiftember run route. Post a screen shot using the #SwiftemberRoute hashtag.
-Best Swiftember run costume/outfit. Post this using the #SwiftemberOutfit hashtag.

To celebrate your Swiftember accomplishments, we’ll be having a social event on Sunday 13th October 2018 (after the Birmingham Half Marathon) kindly hosted by Andy at the Fox. During the social you’ll receive your Swiftember medal, plus we’ll be announcing the prize winners of the various Swiftember missions.

Any queries, drop me a message.

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