This race was sold to me for two reasons: Jay always telling me how great Bournville was, and how hilly the run will be, and Connor telling me how great the goody bag was – on both accounts, they were right!
The ever popular Bournville Leafy 10 k had sold out in a matter of days since it was announced with 22 Swifts in the mix! The start line was full of chatter and anticipation as a big AHOY! reined out over the other competitors. The Swifts were joined by all the best local clubs – Bournville Harriers, Kings Heath, Badgers, and BRATS.
The race route was a mixed bag! An initial 1 km around the playing fields that we would become well acquainted with (completing a lap 3 times – anti-clockwise, clockwise, then clockwise to finish) which progressed into a muddier and muddier sticky sludge. Downhill (which is always worrying 1 km into a race, knowing you’re going to have to come back up again), then through a lovely wooded area (again, Jay, I agree with your love of Bournville!), up through the suburbs and back again through Woodlands Park, into the Rowheath playing fields. We repeated the lap twice, with a difficult fast finish with the muddier and muddier conditions.
I was happy with the route and time of 61 mins 45 seconds, but a little disappointed not the break 60 mins. This was my first 10 km race in about 5 years, after only really seriously (ahem) running for 6 months since I’ve moved here. I’m sure if it was on roads I’d have done a better time, but the fun on the mud was worth it! A big high five from TP on the final 500 meters was always a highlight.
On to the goody bag! I always feel guilty tucking into some sugar after going for a run, but this time it was excused. It’ll take me a while to work through some of these things. Thank you to the Bounrville Harriers for a brilliantly organised and well worth it event. Highly recommended for next year!
Big shout out to a few Swift achievements – top 10 finish for Jad, top in his age category for Ian and Alex’s first 10 km (although he said he’ll stick with 5km from now on … I’m not too sure). Congratulations all! Thank you also to Alan who I think excelled himself with the first post-race meal of his Social Sectretary career.
See you all Thursday. Swifts Ahoy!

Kate Johnson

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