By Richard

Sunday 1st May 2016, Birmingham

A record number of runners for a Swifts event, with nearly double from last years Birmingham 10k, making Birmingham Swifts the third largest contingent from a local running club.

After a cold start to the day, we were a bit warmer after a very 80’s aerobics inspired warm­up from Tommy. Then it was off to be penned in with hundreds of other runners, walking past the other waves the flock was looking fabulous with all in club kit.


10k group

Music to dance and/or move to, to keep warm, but remembering to save some energy for the run itself. Entertainment was provided by Mario (who seemed to have lost Luigi as well as his toolbelt, but not his tools!), and Freddie Mercury doing Sgt Pepper. Then we were ready, watching the clock count down to 11:30… and nothing happened. After a delayed start, not the fault of any Swift, we were off.

Well, sort of.

We moved forward… stopped…Then finally we were off!

Big crowds at the first turn, then a turn the other way (Motor City doesn’t do roads well), under Moor St station, past the Selfridges blob, then onto the delightful downhills of Digbeth. More turns to add some interest to the route, before the long straight of the Pershore Rd.

Birmingham 10k 2016

Get to Edgbaston Cricket ground, and into the building! (Are we allowed to run in here? Are you sure there’s no teachers about?) Pick up and drink, then there’s music. Why are we running away from the drinks and music?

Back along the Pershore Rd, taking on some water & saving energy for ‘The Hill’. But first, ‘The Underpass of Ugh’.

There is something down there that tries to suck all the energy out of you. It’s so bad there’s a first aid tent waiting once you get up and out of it.

Turn into Ryland Rd, and this is where local knowledge comes in. Other runners are asking if this is ‘The Hill’, and you kindly inform that no, this isn’t it, it’s round the corner. Turn onto ‘The Hill’, and this is where the training runs kick in. Gentle slogs up the gradients, recovering on the flats, overtaking those that thought Birmingham is flat. Calthorpe Rd is in sight, it’s flat after that.

Onto the Hagley Rd, traffics not moving, as usual, but we are. Final km marker in sight, check time. Can we do this last km in 5 minutes?

Pick up the pace. Speed picks up going down the Five Ways underpass, momentum flies up the other side.

No drunks to avoid along Broad St today, so pace can stay up. Now, where’s the finish line? Why is it the other side of the road? Move across the road & finally cross the finish line!

“I had an absolutely brilliant time. I loved meeting up before the race, and seeing the flock of Swifts waiting for me at the end. Really proud to have run in Swift colours.”

“Having joined the couch to 5k group in February, would never of thought I’d be doing the 10k….Just shows what you can do!”

“It’s the first time I’ve done the Birmingham 10k and it had an atmosphere unlike any other race I’ve been to. So many Swifts, so many supporters. Best race I’ve run to date!”

“It was fantastic to see the Swifts out in force”

Results by Birmingham Swifts

Jahedul H – ­ 0:42:19
Paul L – ­ 0:44:30
Tom G ­ – 0:44:44
Dean H – 0:44:53
Adam W – ­ 0:47:08
Joshua S – 0:47:30
Jay L ­ – 0:48:53
Tommy H – ­ 0:50:12
Wai L ­ – 0:50:30
Daniel B – ­ 0:50:57
Steve B ­- 0:52:05
Alastair N ­ – 0:53:38
Joe G ­ – 0:54:35
Andrew L – 0:55:01
Paul T ­ – 0:55:27
Cheryl W –  ­0:58:30
Richard W – 0:58:54
Christopher B – ­ 0:59:43
Mohammed K – 1:00:20
Blaine C ­- 1:01:32
Alex A – 1:01:39
Darren L – 1:01:42
David G ­ – 1:02:39
Chris P ­ – 1:02:40
Neessah K – ­ 1:03:02
Ian M ­ – 1:05:07
Fran B ­ – 1:08:21
James J ­ – 1:09:18
David P ­ – 1:09:20
Andrew T – ­ 1:10:00
Andrew S ­ – 1:14:53
Marianne S ­ – 1:38:54

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