Cobra Classic 10k Race Report

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I arrived to the meeting point at the Old Halesonians Rugby Football Club at 09:30hrs to have a quick look around which I must say was very nice to see loads of green rugby pitches. There was an exciting electric buzz and feelingĀ  in the air for the upcoming race, many Cobra running and triathlon club members volunteering in running the event and some even in the race too. Alexander and I was awaiting any other Swifts to turn up for the race at 10:00hrs however unfortunately it was just myself running the race, but what made it a good start is the Fun run done with the kids and parents. Alexander was tempted to run in it, however as he didn’t bring his running kit and the fear of being lapped by children younger than himself, he decided to let the kids have their race without him.




It was now 10:30hrs and was the beginning of one of my favourite 10k’s EVER, it started with the race leader going through the course and stating that no headphones are permitted due to safety reasons. I looked around and to my amazement some runners were wearing them, and one even said I didn’t hear anything he said just now as I’m wearing my headphones, I had a little swift -giggle to myself and sharply handed over my walkman to Alexander.

My thoughts before I started where; it’s hot, it has hills and I haven’t got any music….this is indeed is going to be a big challenge for me to a attempt. The countdown began and we all started a nice paced speed, out of the grounds and onto the road, my plan was to keep my energy for the second half as I knew hills would be involved (my favourite things). I really enjoyed the first 5k it was all road/pavement running around the housing estate with patches of countryside, but I wasn’t prepared for the next 3k which involved “my favourite things”. The first hill came out of nowhere around a bend and it was one of those steep ones which you can see mostly all the way up to the top, this one really tested my endurance as I slowed my pace down and concentrated on my breathing. With the heat on top of everything else it really did take nearly all my stamina to get to the top of it, I can tell I tried my best as over the hump my legs went to jelly and my body had that instant surge of achievement on conquering such a incline. It was flat after the first hill, however not for long as the second “favourite thing” came, it didn’t look as steep as the previous one but with most of my stamina drained from the last one, I knew I had to take this hill differently. I took on the same principles as before as i knew it got me through the last one, however I tried something which I learnt at Tommy’s Training Tuesdays which was getting my knees up into a 90 degree angle and striding while running. I’ve tried this a couple of times on Social Thursday runs on flats and it seems to decrease my respiratory rate and reset my energy consumption. However as I’m not used to it, it can be a double edged sword in that I can only do it for about 15 seconds and as it being a hill it could potentially wipe out my energy reserves.




However the course is “the hardest 10k”, so why not show them some swift spirit, I did it and even though only lasting for about 5 seconds it really help I got to the 8k mark and realised there wasn’t any runners in front of me which were there before only a second ago, to my amazement and enjoyment I’m going off road and through fields of beautiful flowers and wheat. I really needed that right then, it was so great to feel the wheat/flowers brushing my legs and the wind cooling me down, it refueled my stamina and resolve to finish the course. After running zig zags through the fields I hit the road and the final hill to the finish line. This hill wasn’t too steep an incline but after the other two maybe mentally it was taking it’s toll. What really made me feel great was a Cobra runner ran past me and we spoke for a while and just having that conversation got me up the hill to the last stretch. I ran onto the pitch and to my amazement on the speakers I could hear the race leader saying ” Coming in at position number 57 is Peter Davis from the Birmingham Swift’s, running for his mum and dad”. I was so emotional and honored that he said that I just had to fist bump the air, while Alexander shouted “Swift’s Ahoy” in the background.

The medal looked amazing and was for a good cause too. I just want to thank all the Cobra Volunteers and Runners who made my day swift-tastic.

The Social afterwards organised by Josh at the Badgers Sett Beefeaters was truly a tasty time there, food was mouth watering delicious and the atmosphere was so relaxed Alexander was being distracted watching Bargain Hunt on the television.

Great race, enjoyed by all


Race Secretary

Birmingham Swifts



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