Our first #SwiftsOnTour official overseas trip! 

How about a weekend in the stunning city of Amsterdam – think tulips, think windmills, think thousands of lovely Dutch runners! 

On Sunday 20th October 2019, you could join 20,000 other runners competing the Amsterdam Mizuno Half Marathon. There’s also the TCS Full Marathon (with 16,500 runners) & the TCS 8KM (with 7000 runners) races occurring the same day, if you don’t fancy the HM. There will be representatives from other U.K. & European Frontrunner groups there – so great networking opportunities with our LGBTQ+ running brothers & sisters! 

A potential plan could be to fly out early on Saturday 19th from Birmingham, direct into Amsterdam. Then have Saturday exploring & sightseeing. Sunday 20th lunchtime we run, then in the evening we explore the Amsterdam nightlife, before flying home on Monday 21st. 

Concerning costs the HM is €31 (£27). Flights from Birmingham with KLM are around £111 (departing Saturday 19th & returning Monday 21st). Accommodation costs are variable, but if happy to share a double room could be £300 total for 2 nights (so £150 per person, if sharing a room). We could alternatively explore Air BnB or Hostels. So a potential cost of £290 & food/drink/sightseeing costs.

So who fancies it? Being 8 months away, you’ll have some time to budget & save up for this. If you are interested please comment below, or confirm your potential attendance on this events page. There are only 20,000 races places & these will go soon, so if you think you might want to go, my advice is to book your place now (£27) via this link: https://www.tcsamsterdammarathon.nl/en/registration/

Please chat to me for more information! 

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