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The Andrew Sturgess Memorial Swifts League 2022/23

11/04/2022 @ 00:30 - 26/02/2023 @ 23:30

WELCOME to the first Andrew Sturgess Memorial Swifts League, a place where your running can earn you points, prizes and more!

What is the Andrew Sturgess Memorial Swifts League?

The league is a friendly competition that celebrates the running achievements of our membership. The league will run from April each year with a ‘cool down’ period of 1 month before the new league begins. The first Andrew Sturgess Memorial Swifts League is due to start on the 11th April 2022 and will end on the 26th February 2023 with a celebration and awards ceremony held sometime in March 2023.

How will the league work?

To be eligible to participate in the league, you must be an active member of the Birmingham Swifts Running Club. For 2022/23 the League is free and all current members can enter! You can do so by emailing Birmingham Swifts or confirming your participation on the main Facebook event page! Your date of entry will be noted, and you will be eligible to start earning points from the first Monday after you join. You will be responsible for submitting you running achievements and mileage to the Race Secretary each week, this must be done no later than 23:59 each Sunday. You can earn points through mileage, club and race attendance as well as participating in new and exciting challenges!

About Andrew

Andrew Sturgess (‘Drew’, 1976-2020) was a loyal Birmingham Swifts runner and a kind member who always had a smile for anyone he met. He would often bring fresh cakes each Thursday night after a social run as Andrew was a chef in his working life. Andrew took part in many activities with the Birmingham Swifts, participating in many sponsored runs, 10K races and half marathons to name a few. He enjoyed the challenge running gave and he enjoyed the social aspect the club gave joining many Swifts on various nights out too! He also joined the Birmingham Swifts Committee in 2019 as Club Secretary. He was a kind and gentle person who many of us miss very much.
We hope this new event would also give a warm reminder to new members who may not have met Drew that the Birmingham Swifts are a lot more than just a running club. It’s also part of a very caring community and a club to meet lots more friends from a variety of backgrounds. He love this club and loved running. Life is very short, and his life teaches us to live it to the maximum” – Luke Turner-Dawson

R.I.P. Andrew Sturgess
Always in our hearts and thoughts.

Birds of a feather flock together, Swifts Ahoy!!

Points System:
Earning Points Through Mileage:
The easiest way to submit your weekly mileage is by joining the Birmingham Swift Strava Club, however, if you do not use Strava, you can also submit your mileage with evidence via email.
Weekly Mileage Board:
The Weekly Mileage Board runs from 00:00 each Monday until 23:59 each Sunday. Depending on where you finish on the mileage board, you can earn the following points:
1st Position: 20 pts
2nd Position: 19 pts
3rd Position: 18 pts
(And so on until 20th position at 1 pt)
Earning Points Through Events:
You can earn the following points by attending organised races and submitting evidence of completion to the Race Secretary. To be eligible for points the race must have taken place within the current league period.
Marathon: 42 pts
Half Marathon: 21 pts
10k: 10 pts
5k: 5 pts
(Double points for PB and points and a half for first Full/Half Marathon with Birmingham Swifts)
Earn Points Through Local Events:
Birmingham Swift Thursday Social Run: 3 pts
Park Run: 5 pts
Park Run Volunteer: 5 pts
Swiftember: Double Mileage
Entry to the league is entirely free this year, but we invite you to make a donation to Marie Curie UK
1) Please ensure that you sign up to the club using the form below (if you have done this already for 2022, no need to do this again, if you’re unsure let me know and I can check for you).
2) Click ‘Going’ on the Facebook event page (or message us if you don’t use Facebook)!
Strava users: Once you have completed step one and this has been verified you will have access to the Birmingham Swifts Strava Leaderboard
Apple/Fitbit/Garmin etc. Users, if you do not plan to use Strava please make sure to email your weekly stats (distance, total runs, elevation gain) to the Swifts account by 23:59 each Sunday. Linking your garmin etc to Strava is very quick and easy to do!
Any questions, please get in touch!!

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April 11 @ 00:30
26/02/2023 @ 23:30

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