Do you have a hidden fashion designer in you? Are you the next Versace, Westwood or “unnamed employee at Primark”?

Help us to design a T-Shirt that can be sold to the wider community to help raise funds for Birmingham Swifts (and each year’s chosen LGBT charity). To get you started, here are some images that can be used in your design without us having to pay any royalties for their use! So feel free to incorporate these or come up with your own designs entirely (but make sure any designs you incorporate can be used Royalty free). Images, text, both – let your imagination run free!

It’s planned that the chosen T-Shirt will be available in white in both cotton as well as a technical running fabric, with the design on the front only. If you have a design that really works front and back, well submit it anyway!

Email your designs to treasurer @

All Swifts will be able to vote for the winner at the AGM on March 8 2020 at The Fox.

Hint: save an image to your computer to get the full version rather than the clipped ones here!